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The Surf Shack Tree House - Pattaya
Surf Shack. Tree House. Whatever you might want to call it does not do justice to this incredible home on North Pattaya’s Wong Amat Beach. Jammed between a slew of luxury hi-rise condos and the area’s never-ending development, the owner of this home had a different vision.

There were a few simple instructions. “Don’t cut down any trees. Period.” And that’s what was done. Trees and gardens on the site for decades now grow directly through the house. The rear staircase wraps around one mighty tree, while another starts in the downstairs bathroom, climbing through the master bath and up to the rooftop bar area. The kitchen has a gnarly twisted old tree trunk coming in through one wall and continuing up to the master bedroom above.

Stylus Sound installed a SONOS multi-zone audio system that includes ceiling speakers in the living room, and kitchen, as well as the master bedroom, balconies, rooftop garden, beach front, pool side, and the basement theatre/ bar. Each zone is controlled by the wireless multi-zone system and can even be controlled from anywhere in the house, even by the owner’s smart phone.

Installation was made difficult by the unique design and construction of each area. In the living room, Klipsch CDT-3800-C architectural series speakers are left exposed among the ceiling rafters. These speakers feature swiveling tweeters and woofers that avoid acoustic problems associated with pointing straight down at a hard floor surface.

 In the kitchen the same speakers are disguised above a bamboo ceiling facade. A glowing ceiling in the dining room made it very difficult to install speakers in that area, so special mounting structures were built in above the bamboo ceiling there.

The deck and pool area feature many mighty old trees. Stylus installed an outdoor audio system around the pool consisting of Klipsch AW-650 outdoor loudspeakers at the front and above the pool, and Bose Free Space® 51 garden speakers with 360-degree dispersion on the deck. The speakers above the pool have enough power to play music clearly for the owners on the deck and even out on the beach sands.

The Surf Shack Tree House Theatre
What do you get when you cross a movie theater with a tropical beach? Here’s the answer. The premium home theater in the basement of this astounding home is a bit of a departure. Instead of reclining seats, the theatre features a long mattress and round cushion in the center of the floor for the ultimate in relaxed entertainment. The right side of the theatre opens to the bar area, where drinks are served and champagne kept chilled. Equipment racks for the theatre and the entire house stand behind the bar.

Although non-traditional in layout, this theatre does no skimp at all on sight and sound, featuring  a high-definition Epson EMP-TW2000 LCD video projector (reviewed here by Home Cinema Central) with 1080p resolution and an OS Screen  EH-1 series 120-inch 16:9 motor-driven screen. Sources include a Marantz BD7004 Blu-ray player and a PC running Windows Media Center  software with 5-terabytes of storage filled with high-definition movies and TV recordings.

Sound is delivered by Klipsch KL-525-THX Flat Panel speakers. These are suspended from the ceiling above the bamboo facade. Speakers are set up in a 7.2 configuration with KW-120-THX subwoofers on either side of the theater area. Power is delivered by a Marantz SR7002 THX receiver as well as a KA-1000-THX amplifier with 100 watts per channel dedicated to the subwoofers.

In this unconventional space, acoustics were a real challenge. With the theatre area open to the bar and the rear wall covered with stone, it was necessary to rethink the usual acoustic. The ceiling was sprayed with a thick coating of paper chip to minimize echo and reflection. Next the side wall was covered with an angled foam material that both diffused the sound and absorbed reflections. Finally the bamboo covering of the wall and ceiling helped diffuse reflections while “livening” up the sound a bit.

The results are truly stunning. Even in this non-traditional environment, the resulting acoustics are fantastic. Final qualification included viewing a disc of the film of Frank Miller’s 300 together with the owners.

Everyone agreed. Picture and sound quality in this theatre are just amazing.