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Baan Chang Hua Hin - Palm Hills
This massive home sits on a hill overlooking the Palm Hills Golf Course and the Gulf of Thailand. It features a SONOS-controlled system with more than 10 separate ‘zones’, each independently controlled via hand-held controllers or smart phones. The installation includes indoor and outdoor systems, plus a large dedicated home theatre in the basement.

In the house, each bedroom and living area features a full AV system with a big LCD screen and specialized A/V furniture from Salamander Designs. Hidden below the TV is a Marantz ES-7701sound bar’ speaker system that integrates full-bodied 5.1 surround sound without clutter and wires.

Inside the cabinets, below each video screen, is an Apple Mac Mini connected to a massive central media server loaded with movies, music, and TV shows. Residents and guests are able to select their entertainment on the big screen using the Apple’s Front Row media center software and a handheld remote, or they can use a wireless keyboard and mouse to surf the Internet.
In the living room, office, master bedrooms, baths, and hallways, Klipsch CDT-3800-C architectural series loudspeakers are used to distribute clean, clear sound.

The game room is a special feature of the house with a pool table, big-screen TV, and a sound system that puts many nightclubs to shame. Klipsch KL-525-THX speakers are built into the wall, with massive KW-120-THX  subwoofers on the floor. To add to the nightclub-thumping capability of the game room, the owner added a DJ booth where his friends and guests can play their own tunes.

Around the pool area, a total of six outdoor speakers sit on large columns. These include four Klipsch AW-650 mid-hi speakers and two AW-800-SW outdoor subwoofers. This system packs quite a punch and is more than enough for great party sound, or for the golfers on the course down below to hear clearly. For pool parties or swimming laps, Clark Synthesis Aquasonic AQ339 underwater speakers provide sound even when the listener is completely submerged.

In the garden area bordering the golf course sit a small island bordered by a stream. Here, NuVo Accent Plus1 speakers subtly disguised as rocks sit among the plants in the garden for serene musical enjoyment.

This premium home theatre rests in the basement of Baan Chang. It seats nine people comfortably, with room for a few kids on the floor at the front.

The screen is an OS-Screens Soundmat, 150-inch diagonal, 16:9, and acoustically transparent. The display for this screen is a Marantz VFP-15S1 1080p DLP high-definition projector with absolutely sublime picture quality. This massive screen looks incredible and takes up almost the entire front wall for a stunning viewing experience.

Klipsch KL-650-THX speakers sit on a steel frame behind the screen; with KL-525-THX surround speakers set into the walls. The walls themselves are constructed of a combination of sound absorbing materials to reduce echo, while stone panels act as sound diffusers to enhance the surround sound ambience.

The theatre sound is powered by a Marantz AV8003 surround sound processor and MM8003 power amplifier. The sources include a Marantz VD7004 Blu-Ray Player and a Mac Mini computer connected to the central Media Server.  All equipment racks reside outside the theatre itself.
The entire theatre viewing experience can be controlled via this touch screen remote, including dimming the lights. The leather reclining chairs in the theatre were designed by Stylus and custom built by Asalon Furniture of Bangkok.

All design, construction, and equipment installation by Stylus Sound.