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Private Disco Pattaya - Jomtien
The owner of this massive villa and estate decided that he wanted the excitement of a disco and a bowling alley, without leaving his home. So the entire basement was built into this private discotheque featuring a massive NEXO sound system, a DJ booth, two full size bowling lanes, a stage, two large screens for video, motorized cameras, and a disco LED and lighting system.

The dance floor area is covered by four NEXO PS10’s and two LS500 Subwoofers. It also features an LED lit stage, two go-go platforms, two moving head intelligent lights, and a 100” projection screen.

The bowling lanes lie off to the side of the dance floor and bar area. This area features additional reinforcement speakers and a 120” drop down projection screen.

The DJ booth sits in the bar area at the center of the disco. It features two Technics 1200 MK5 turntables, a pair of Pioneer CDJ 1000’s, a Pioneer DJM 800 mixer and is setup for the RANE/Serato ScratchLive system linked to the music server of the house.

The Disco can comfortably be run by a DJ and bar staff to host parties of over 250 guests. Or by the flick of a switch the owner can run the whole system and play music through the loud speakers via a SONOS controller.