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Thai Silk Theater Palm Hills - Hua Hin
The owner of this beautiful villa in Hua Hin decided to convert one room to a dedicated home theatre. Stylus Sound handled the acoustic design, construction, and equipment installation of this classical Asian themed theatre.

Sound quality and sound proofing from the upstairs bedrooms were priorities for the client, so Stylus made an acoustic plan and took over construction from the concrete structure on.

Thai silk covered sound absorbing panels were built around the room to stop sound escaping and unwanted echo. Stone panels were used as diffusers to enhance the ambience of the surround sound effects. Even the ceiling was specially treated for sound quality and isolation.

Equipment in this theatre included Klipsch RF-82 Reference Series speakers, Marantz SR8001 surround receiver and DVD7001 DVD player, TVIX HDM-6500A high-definition  hard drive player, a 100-inch screen, and a Sanyo Z5 LCD projector.