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When it comes to playing music, we believe all rooms should be created equal. That’s why you can put ZonePlayers in absolutely any room where you want music. With Sonos, no room is off-limits and you can add music wirelessly to practically any number of rooms: the bedroom, the backyard, even the bathroom.
(I) ZP120 Zone Player
The Sonos ZonePlayer 120 is amplified, wireless, compact, and convenient. With its state-of-the-art digital amplifier, t...
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(II) ZP90 Unpowered Zone Player
The Sonos ZonePlayer 90 lets you play all the music you want, all over your house, on all the audio equipment you alre...
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(III) S5 Zone Player
The Sonos ZonePlayer S5 is a high-performance wireless music system with 5 speakers powered by 5 dedicated digital amp...
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(IV) CR200 Controller
The Sonos Controller 200 gives you instant, wireless access to all your music and all your rooms at the touch of a fin...
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(V) BR100 Zone Bridge
The Sonos ZoneBridge 100 makes setting up an all-wireless Sonos system wonderfully fast…and easy. Instead of using a...
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