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Clark Synthesis
Aquasonic Underwater Speaker is the world’s only full-frequency, full-fidelity underwater speaker. This amazing speaker brings water to life, enabling a wide array of pool enthusiasts to enjoy the gift of music below the water’s surface. Click here for more information.
(VII) TST239
The TST239 Silver transducer is an excellent choice for most entry-level audio applications. This product is widely used...
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(VIII) TI-300
The TI-300 Isolation Foot provides the ultimate in isolation capability. Utilizing metal, neoprene and natural rubber co...
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(IX) TI-200
The mid-level TI-200 Isolation Foot helps improve the performance of Clark Synthesis Transducers. With a low-profile des...
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(X) TI-104
The entry-level TI-100 Isolation Foot is constructed of natural rubber and can be used as a low-profile foot replacement...
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