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NuVo Music Server
Music Server
NuVo Music Server

Designed for homes of the future, the M3 is the first in-home music server of its kind with full Digital Rights Management compliance. Each server features 3 Source Outputs, NuVoNet Communication, and Windows® Media Player music management, and now with both 160GB and 500GB Hard Drives. Our 160GB is designed to provide 3 simultaneous outputs of your entire music collection to up to 3 rooms in your home. The 500GB music server has been added to our growing stable of source equipment for what we believe is important to meeting the high performance capacity needs of today’s true audiophiles. The NV-M3-500 let’s you store full CD quality WAV files with ease and listen to the full, rich tones in the way the musician originally intended. While both the NV-M3-160 and NV-M3-500 will store and seamlessly manage up to 20,000 songs, the NV-M3-500 offers the capacity for each stored song to be at full audio quality to delight any audiophile’s taste for deep, multi-dimensional sound.

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