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At Stylus Sound, we pride ourselves on being the opposite of a ‘box’ store. Stylus imports and represents several excellent brands of audio-visual equipment, and we are very selective of the product lines that we carry. More importantly, we make it a point to understand everything that we carry at a very detailed level.

We can explain exactly what every item does, how to use it, and how it compares with other products that perform the same function. We also understand how our equipment works together, and how it can be combined with other kinds of products to create powerful entertainment and communication systems.

Therefore, after providing our clients with a quality system design that meets their exacting standards, we work with manufacturers and distributors around the globe to select and obtain the perfect equipment to create the optimum audiovisual experience.

Our approach to equipment sourcing also extends to those products that we may not carry ourselves. If your project calls for products that we don’t sell, we still know what products to get, how it will combine with other elements in your system (whether from us or elsewhere) and we know where to get it.

Whether you’re buying a single piece of equipment (or even a single cable), a complete system designed by us, or a ‘shopping list’ of gear needed for you own project, you can be sure that Stylus can supply most quality equipment at competitive prices.
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