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Stylus Sound employs only highly qualified audio-visual engineers, computer programmers, electricians, craftsmen and laborers for installation.

We stand by the integrity of what we do, and we know the only way to do that is to guarantee the quality of our work, and of the equipment we install.

Stylus designs systems to be maintenance-free, but sometimes, as with anything else, unforeseen problems occur. The systems we install are guaranteed to function and perform, as installed, for one full year from the date of installation. During that time, if anything goes wrong with the system including the wiring, connections, or the equipment itself we will come and fix it, at no charge to the customer.

Manufacturer warranties

Manufacturers provide warranties that differ wildly, from 3 months to 3 years. We honor those warranties, and will service or replace components within the terms of their original warranty, even if it is longer than the one-year warranty already offered by Stylus Sound.

On-going Maintenance

Its one thing to acquire a fine media system for your home or business. Taking care of it after its installed is another thing entirely.

If a system requires attention after the system and individual warranties expire, we always shoot to give the best service possible, at minimum cost to the customer.

We can do that at very, very good rates because our labor rates for a day are equivalent to what service companies in the West would charge for an hour. Yet we can provide the same service. Or better.
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