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After creating a design and obtaining equipment, the next step is quality installation. This includes not only installing each piece of equipment, but running all of the necessary wiring, programming, and calibrating the entire system.

In our turnkey systems we send our own crews to the construction site to do all the pre-wiring and again for the actual installation. It goes back to not being a box seller. We provide turnkey, setup systems ready to run.

Wiring is typically done during new construction, but we are also able to retrofit existing structures with outstanding audiovisual setups. We also ensure that the connections are set up correctly, and that the entire system works flawlessly.

Stylus Sound is famous for the quality and beauty of our installations. We hide all the wires in the walls, even in existing buildings. We donít throw things on a tabletop and run wires across doorways. We do a nice, professional, and esthetically pleasing installation.

We aim at visually seamless presentation that enhances, not detracts from, the beauty of your home.

Calibration involves fine-tuning the system. We test every function of every piece of equipment before and after installation according to a detailed checklist. Such as tweaking each individual speaker in a movie theater to achieve the best sound, or programming a single multi-function, custom remote that can control the entire system.

The simple idea is to get the best performance out of every piece of equipment in an installation.
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