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At Stylus Sound, we pride ourselves on creating totally customized systems for each of our customers, and we believe that our design skill and meticulous attention to detail, in this phase of the project, are what set us apart from our local competitors.

We take a customer’s idea – a remote-controlled poolside sound system, a living-room theater experience – and bring it to life by working with architects, homeowners, and interior designers to create a one-of-a-kind audiovisual experience.

Our philosophy of system design begins and ends with listening and communication. First we listen to your needs, to your requirements, priorities, and budget. Understanding what you require, we carefully evaluate the acoustic and physical environment to select and integrate the best products for the job, matching the ideal system to your requirements and the situation at hand. After gaining a thorough understanding of your needs, we prepare a comprehensive plan that includes the equipment you’ll need, the optimum set-up, installation and programming, and a wiring plan. Customers rely on our expertise, and knowledge of audiovisual products, so that they can sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience their custom-designed system will provide.

And whatever the job, from a basic consultation to an extensive and architecturally integrated system, we explain every step in jargon-free and friendly language that puts our international and Thai clients at ease.

Types of System Design :

It takes a great deal of knowledge, attention to detail, and listening (to our clients) to design the right systems for each project. In fact, we consider system design to be the single most important element in any audio-visual project.

Design fees are based on both the type of system such as, premium theater acoustics, surround system, or multi zone audio, and on the size of the area in square meters.

Premium Home Theater and Acoustic Design :

This is the height of our design service. Based on THX Certified training and years of experience designing premium home theaters, we will design every detail of your theater space. Premium Home Theater and Acoustic Design includes in depth analysis of all aspects of the theater construction, audio-video equipment specification, remote control and automation systems, room layout, wiring and electrical, and acoustic treatments. But don’t worry; we’ll still let your interior designer pick the color of the cushions!

Surround Sound Entertainment System :

Not everyone wants a dedicated room in their home transformed into a shrine of audio video excellence. We get that. But we also know that people still want great performance from their living room systems. This is why we have created a separate category for Surround Sound Entertainment systems. Typically this will be a system centered around a large flat screen TV as opposed to a projector and screen. System design will include audio-video equipment specification, remote control and automation, wiring an electrical plans, and room layout suggestions.

Smart Home Wiring Plan :

Is really a multi-zone and multi-system design. Most often our clients need help with designing the systems that will support the other equipment and various activities they plan to do throughout the home. This includes wireless and wired internet, broadcast TV systems, video servers, Multi-zone audio control, speakers throughout the home (perhaps in the ceiling), and many other systems that Stylus can provide.

Outdoor Audio :

This segment of our design service really goes hand in hand with a Smart Home Wiring Plan. But because outdoor areas often cover much larger square meter-age we felt it was only fair to discount design service for outdoor areas. Design include wireless internet, outdoor speakers and control systems, and the ever popular “under-water speakers” in swimming pools.

System Review :

Our clients often find it useful for STYLUS to review the plans of other vendors, in order to ensure that all system in the house work harmoniously together. These include systems such as lighting control, automation of blinds and curtains, irrigation, security, CCTV, Air Conditioning, backup generators, and main electric power. Reviewing and coordinating with other vendors will ensure that none of our clients requirements have been overlooked, and the proper wiring has been specified for all systems being installed.

What’s included in a System Design :

We will spend the time necessary, going through the different options available to you and explaining them to you, in all the detail you desire. After a thorough assessment of your needs we will prepare a comprehensive plan, which includes the following elements.
  1. Functions of System
    In an area-by-area breakdown, what will the system need to do? What are the customers’ goals and requirements?
    • Music / Video
    • Ease of Use
    • Automation, Power, and Lighting
    • Internet and Network
    • Control Function, remotes, touch screens
  2. How are these goals achieved?
    • Type of system
    • Equipment Necessary
    • Compatibility of equipment
    • Connectivity of equipment
    • Acoustic treatment or construction necessary
  3. How to install and commission the system.
    • Optimum placement of equipment
    • Control functionality of equipment
    • Access to control functions
    • Programming of system
  4. Acoustic Construction Plan
    • Acoustic assessment of environment
    • Planning and drafting of acoustic treatment
    • Theater construction planning and drafting
    • Furniture or acoustic materials
  5. Engineering Plan also called SMART HOME WIRING PLAN
    • Wiring necessary (what types of cable and lengths)
    • Connectivity
    • Installation Routes
    • Project Schedule
    • Phase by phase installation plan
The end result of this process is a comprehensive system plan where most questions of compatibility and functionality are answered. This plan can be useful not only to our customers, but also used by architects, builders, electrical engineers, and equipment suppliers.

After this phase of the project is complete we release the plan to our client where it can then be used to select and purchase equipment, or can be used as a tender document to collect quotes from other suppliers.
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